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So many unfollowers.

EXCUuuuuSE me for using my blog to write my rants, thoughts, and personal experiences down.


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Also, if I ever have another guy roommate, if they do not wipe the FUCKING toilet seat off after using it every damn time then I am kicking them out within the first week.

FUCK that shit. It’s so fucking disgusting and unsanitary. Like, be a little considerate of your other roommate - ESPECIALLY if it’s a girl, considering they have to physically sit on the seat more than you do.

If you’re a grown man and you’re letting your fucking ass hair and shit and pubes and facial hair, and what the fuck ever else, just stay on the toilet seat - FIRST OFF, that’s disgusting. SECONDLY, that’s embarrassing. Not only for you as a disgusting individual, but for ME to actually have to say something about the issue. 

What the fuck, dude. 

Sorry for ranting and saying “Fuck” a lot but I honestly cannot stress the importance of cleanliness of the bathroom… like, I have to put my personal body parts on that area. How fucking rude to just leave it all disgusting like that. 

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So, turns out my dad does have cancer…


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outfits I would wear.

I want to date a girl but only butch chicks are into me -_____- (no offense, but no thanks)…

and the feminine girls are straight.

Kill myself.

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