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Listen, I’m not trying to steer away from the topic of homelessness, because believe me - living in Orlando, I see it everywhere and it’s sad… but when Miley Cyrus brought a homeless man to the VMA’s to bring awareness to homelessness, did he have to be an attractive young guy? I dunno… something about it just wasn’t as sincere as I feel like it could have been. Maybe he was an actor - I’m skeptical. 

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this is offensive to Ikea tables

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I have never met such rude little alternative girls with bad fucking attitudes

up until last night.

holy hell, man. I have no idea how some people can immediately meet someone and be the biggest little cunt with a shitty attitude. It makes no sense to me. Like, have fun getting a job with that mentality, my god.

Honestly, my mind is blown by how ignorant some people are.

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I never look gay enough for girls to flirt with me

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