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I appreciate the lot of you that actually care about my personal situations, by the way… it means a lot to me…

AND - may I add… if you see me in person, please introduce yourself. I’ve said it a million times, but I don’t mind repeating I suppose… I am pretty much blind without my glasses on. I can’t see you. I’m not being a bitch, I just really can’t see who you are. 

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I mean to reply to all of your responses to my text posts… I really do. 

But right now, I am a little intoxicated and I can’t do 500 things at once. I can merely write this post, and go through and edit my red lines. I want to sound like I’m at least grammatically correct when I drunkenly write. 

The moral of tonight’s story is that I was really nervous to talk to this guy that works at one of the bars I go to a lot… and when I say nervous, I mean UNBELIEVABLY nervous - I have NO social skills with flirting… at all - and anyway, my friends are fantastic wing women and they basically forced me to talk to him and in the end he said I was cute, although he couldn’t talk to me because he was working - which I understand…

So, even if he’s not interested, he at least said I was cute and that makes me less nervous. :) 


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So, turns out my dad does have cancer…


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