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People who can’t have normal conversations are really fucking annoying.

I don’t understand how people can interpret something that I say and take it to such a different context than I intended. Like, you’re just confusing the both of us at that point… What the fuck?

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perform-to-die said: Oh god, there too?

haha it’s a parody though.

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lmao I’m so excited to watch The Hotwives of Orlando

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I think it’s hilarious how H&M put out a shirt that said: You can’t sit with us

and then it was put on recall because people said it promoted bullying.

So the company released another shirt that says: You can sit with us.

The “can” really is emphasized on the shirt lol. 

The moral of this is that H&M is ridiculous because then they also have shirts that say things like, “I never liked you anyway.”“Jealous much.” and other catty sayings, yet they haven’t been recalled. So stupid.

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I give up on people because sometimes there are greater priorities…

and if I’m going to use my time wisely, some people just don’t fit right now.

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