I'm Taylor


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You’ll most likely see me strolling around Walmart or Target with a bottle of cheap wine and a bag of cat food.
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Let’s be positive for a moment… Here is a list of things that I enjoy.
  • pretty lingerie
  • chill cuddles; not warm… sweaty cuddling is uncomfortable
  • listening to jazz and knowing that I have nothing to do that day
  • words that produce genuine feelings
  • making people laugh with my witty comments 
  • helping people and seeing that they are really appreciative
  • making crafts that come out how I expected
  • when my oldest cat gives me attention
  • knowing that I can pay my bills on time, when I can
  • 75-77 degree weather with a breeze
  • sitting on hills and staring into the view, whatever it is
  • showing people new locations
  • Boston, Massachusetts 
  • Portland, Maine
  • feeling safe
  • driving around by myself with the windows down
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I ruin everything.

I’m just going to keep quiet from now on.

How am I supposed to be happy if I can’t be myself though… 

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Hey, so I finally made an Etsy account :) I’ll be posting more handmade things soon…. Enjoy!

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I do not love myself, therefore I cannot love someone else.

It isn’t right to put love toward someone else when you don’t have enough for yourself.

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I’ve been so fucking depressed lately…

These past couple of months have honestly been the worst months I’ve had in years, and apparently it’s affecting my relationships around me and I don’t even realize it until I’ve pretty much ruined things… I’ve drifted away from my friends and I’m too emotional or apathetic at the same time toward almost everyone else. I can’t get out of this fucking pit. I haven’t had anyone or anything reliable in my life besides my job - and the only reliable thing about my job  is that I still have it. I work 40 hours a week just to struggle, and I still can’t pay my bills.

I feel stupid for complaining… but everything is hitting me… from stress at work, stress from not having a steady roommate situation, figuring out how I’m going to pay my expenses, worrying if my car is going to get repossessed every damn day because I can’t make payments, and on top of that my dad gets cancer this year… like… why… why is it that I have to work so fucking hard to only be getting deeper into the ground… why… :’(

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I have been rummaging through the deep, dark hidden files of my laptop from years ago…

and I think I stumbled across the single handed most embarrassing video of myself ever… and not only is the content embarrassing, but the fact that I actually took the time and effort to edit such a video together is what makes it even worse…

holy christ.

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Dude, I get sexually harassed on a daily fucking basis…

Even by my friends. what the fuck.

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I’m going to do a Q&A type video to kind of try to kickstart my YouTube account again.

So leave me messages that you’d want me to either answer or ask me things you’d want me to talk about in general!


When I get a good amount of messages, I will start filming :D

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