I'm Taylor


I’m going to start tanning.

Pale skin is nice and all, but I don’t like how you can see all of my veins and imperfections, etc.

SO. yep. watch out world… Tan Taylor is comin’ atcha.

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  • my friend: what are you doing on Sunday? I'm going to a lesbian pool party and I wanted you to go because whenever I go to a place with a bunch of lesbians I feel like a piece of meat and everyone stares at me.
  • me: oh. so you want me to go so you can use me and throw me to the lions.
  • my friend: yes. the lesbian lions.
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    I mean to reply to all of your responses to my text posts… I really do. 

    But right now, I am a little intoxicated and I can’t do 500 things at once. I can merely write this post, and go through and edit my red lines. I want to sound like I’m at least grammatically correct when I drunkenly write. 

    The moral of tonight’s story is that I was really nervous to talk to this guy that works at one of the bars I go to a lot… and when I say nervous, I mean UNBELIEVABLY nervous - I have NO social skills with flirting… at all - and anyway, my friends are fantastic wing women and they basically forced me to talk to him and in the end he said I was cute, although he couldn’t talk to me because he was working - which I understand…

    So, even if he’s not interested, he at least said I was cute and that makes me less nervous. :) 


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    So, turns out my dad does have cancer…


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    I want to date a girl but only butch chicks are into me -_____- (no offense, but no thanks)…

    and the feminine girls are straight.

    Kill myself.

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    When I found out that my ex-boyfriend had HPV the whole time I was dating him, yet he never told me, I seriously wanted to ruin his life… but I’ll let him do that himself because anyone who is that fucking evil will get what they deserve in the end. Unfortunately, I do feel obligated to tell his current girlfriend about it because I doubt he has told her either, mostly because that can lead to genital warts and cancer… Like, who is that much of a bastard to not tell the person they’re dating something like that…
Thank god my mother made me get those shots when I was younger. I can’t even imagine what I would do if I hadn’t shown up clean for my tests. I would cut his fucking penis off and feed it to dogs.

    I’m the type of person that gets extremely hurt when I get ignored by people - not so much on the internet - but really only with the people I know in person. If I go out of my way to try to talk to you, I would appreciate a text back or some form of acknowledgment that you give a shit. Ignoring me is the worst thing you can do. I would honestly prefer a “Fuck off” instead.

    This is why I cut people out. I’d rather be alone than attach myself to friends or anyone else with potential for more, and inevitably get let down in one way or another.

    In a sense, I’m pretty hypocritical when it comes to my peeves though because I can hardly answer my messages on here most of the time. But again, that’s not entirely related because I’m mainly talking about the people I know in person.

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    Staying in tonight to eat peanut butter and watch Malcolm in the Middle
    Well, that was odd.

    I live in the medical district of South Downtown Orlando, and my apartment is directly in front of a branch of Orlando Health. But yeah, so I just went on a walk to get some milk, and one of the Orlando Health security officers basically followed me out of the hospital parking lot to the the front of my apartment building and was asking me how many apartments are there and if they’re reasonably priced, etc. And he asked me what my name was. It was just odd that he drove out of the way to ask me that, and then I had to awkwardly cut off the conversation with, “Well, have a good one!” 

    Watch me get murdered or something now. Ugh.

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